Generator Rental

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Power Hire Ltd provides services to companies and individuals that require rental power for short or extended lease periods .

We are fully aware that due to power fluctuations and blackouts that are a common feature in Kenya and getting worse, generators are an important tool in ensuring that you keep on operating as any equipment downtime equals lost profits and/or uncomfortable working conditions. For this reason, our emergency solutions can be operational within 24 hours or less.

Power Hire prides itself on delivering turnkey-solutions rather than just renting equipment. Our knowledgeable staff takes the time to become thoroughly acquainted with you, your facility and your specific needs. Their expertise enables them to recommend the best possible solution for you, often one that will not only fill your equipment requirements, but save you money as well.

We can hire generators for;

Entertainment & Sporting Events

Commercial Buildings

Construction Sites

Entertainment & Sporting Events

Industrial & Mining

Residential Buildings

Recreational events

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